Our Wedding Mission

Velocity's mission is to lead a company centered on the principles of excellence, growth, and service. We always remember what's important… customers, quality, continuous improvement, and development of talents. We revere admirable characteristics in others, such as being fun, loyal, trustworthy, and creative, and attempt to implement similar characteristics in our employees. We recognize our strengths and develop talents as a company that is energetic, imaginative, and adaptable. We are a company whom the clients believe is creative, the community considers as giving, and everybody thinks is fun.

Our Wedding Background

My name is Bob Foresman and I am the owner and manager of Velocity Sound. I have a very interesting job as the owner/manager of Velocity Sound to say the least. Not only am I in charge of booking shows and coordinating other DJs, I am also a DJ myself. I absolutely love my job and am very excited and passionate about what I do. While running a DJ company can be very challenging, it is so rewarding to know that we help make our clients’ events fun, exciting, distinctive, and perfect for their unique needs. Running a Mobile DJ company is not always easy. This is why the company is comprised of a team of people who each bring unique skills to the company and, most importantly, love DJing. Along with our love of this business, we all have experience in related fields that gives us the inside track

to the best equipment, music, and business expertise to continually exceed our clients’ needs and expectations. Although we are all very knowledgeable on many things, the business of being a Mobile DJ is ever changing. We stay well informed on the latest equipment, music, and current trends using national organizations such as Prodj.com and Mobile Beat Magazine, both designed specifically for mobile DJs. We also attend the Mobile Beat DJ Expo in Las Vegas annually to get new ideas from the biggest and best in the business. All of these efforts keep us up to date on the latest trends and technology in the business, and give us innovative ideas to keep your event fresh and distinctive.

Wedding DJ Team

Bob Foresman

Owner/ manager of Velocity Sound with over 16 years of successful mobile DJ, and PA work.

Evan Ledman

With 9 years of experience as a professional DJ, Evan has the skills necessary to provide outstanding disk jockey services at your event.

Steve Woods

Steve is the Founder of Velocity Sound, & built a business founded on the principles of customer service and dedication to quality.

Why Hire Us?

  • Dedicated Wedding Team

    Weddings are our primary focus so we are dedicated to ensuring you will experience the perfect wedding reception in Lafayette, IN or surrounding area. All of Velocity's DJ's are highly trained, friendly, and very knowledgeable on all aspects of their event. Once you choose Velocity Sound there is no substitute, infact about 80% of our business comes from referrals or repeat customers. So contact us today and check for availability.


Velocity Sound takes DJ'ing very seriously and all members of Velocity Sound act in a professional manner at all times. All MC's, DJ's, and Roadies are very experienced and highly trained. We use only pro rated reliable gear that looks and performs great every time. There are no problems with Velocity Sound Service. We show up early and all of our equipment is in place and checked before the first guest arrives. Velocity Sound has a perfect track record. Velocity has never been late, or missed a show for any reason. We stand behind our equipment and people 100%. You are hiring entertainment professionals when you hire Velocity Sound Service.


Velocity Sound has done all types of events from school dances, parties, barn dances, proms,corporate events, and weddings. For every show we do, our DJ's know every special event and song that is to take place that evening before hand. We do this by meeting with clients ahead of time. This allows you to pick from our computerized music list, and arrange events as you see fit. Although we do take requests the day of the event. All of our DJ's have years of show experience, with various types of music and events.