IN Wedding Disc Jockey


Wedding DJ Entertainment

You want your guests to leave your wedding in Indiana knowing they had the best time of their lives. My goal is for all your guests to have a great time, not just your younger guests. I understand your family is important to you and you want everyone raving about your wedding.


Master of Ceremony

My goal is for everyone to feel comfotable. I will be the curteous host to your guests letting them know when something special is about to happen. Your wedding guests will feel more comfortable and enjoy themselves through cocktail hour and dinner knowing what special events they should be ready for.


Event Coordinator

As wedding event coordinator, I ensure that I will follow the timeline we create together. You won't need to worry about when your special dance with your father is, I will arrange and coordinate all these special events so that your only focus will be your guests.


Event Host

In addition to master of ceremony responsibilities, I will be directly available for any face-to-face questions your guests have. I will be polite and curteous when your guests request music. You might have songs you do not want played and I will be very friendly to your guests when one might request a song I'm not allowed to play.

Wedding Uplighting

The Best Uplighting Service You can Get for Your Wedding in Indiana.

Saying we offer the best is a bold statement that we're not afraid to make because we offer a service that's better than all our competitors. There are a few reasons our Indiana wedding uplighting service is that good.

➤ We use the best uplighting fixtures. We can program our uplighting to complement your wedding colors exactly (not just close enough).

➤ We use the brightest uplighting fixtures which means we will light up your venue no matter how big or small it is. We can adjust the brightness to be perfect for your venue.

➤ We can program our uplighting to do static colors or animate our uplighting to add more fun to your wedding dance party as well as make your introductions more fun.

➤ All the uplights don't have to be the same color. We can create custom color patterns.

➤ Our uplighting uses high-quality narrow-beam lenses to create colors that are crisp and vibrant. Narrow lenses also means my uplighting will look particularly great on pillars or anything narrow you want to uplight.

➤ Everything about our uplighting was designed with weddings in mind.

Special Effects & A La Carte Services

  • Intelligent Uplighting
  • Festoon, Bistro String Lighting
  • Wedding Cake Uplighting
  • Custom Chandeliers
  • Traditional Animated Gobo Monogram
  • Animated Full-color Laser Monogram
  • Custom Gobo Monograms
  • Ceremony Sound Reinforcement
  • Table-top Centerpeice Pin-spotting
  • Under-Table Lighting
  • Lighted Centerpeices
  • Animated Photo Slideshow
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Premium Dance-Floor Ligthing
  • Wireless Remote Speakers
  • Banquet Hall-Approved Confetti
    (colored-paper, UV-reactive, or mirrored available)
  • Wall Wash
  • Ceiling Wash
  • Dancing-On-A-Cloud
  • Dancing-Under-The-Stars
  • Multimedia Displays
  • Pipe & Drape
  • Live HashTag# Printing